Advertising Design  -How To Use Proximity

Advertising Design  -How To Use Proximity

In advertising you need the most effective designs to attract customers. This means your advertisement will be seen first. There are different tips and tricks to incorporate elements of design. One such element of design is proximity.

Proximity is essentially how close or distant objects are in an advertisement. This is predominantly achieved using size. Smaller objects seen as further away and are usually higher up on the canvas. They are closer to the horizon line. Larger objects are seen as closer and are in the foreground of the canvas.

Proximity isn’t always about what is closer or further away. Effective advertising utilizes it to draw the viewer’s attention. For example larger objects and text are noticed readily. Often it is the object or logo outline that is seen immediately. The brand name or title is noticed second. Then the rest of the objects in the advertisement.

This means the product is seen first since it is the most important item in the advertisement. This has to be large and clear within the context of the canvas. The other details follow such as accessories, important dates, location, time etc. The simplest advertisement needs only the product and the brand.

LED light boxes provide a variety of advertising display options for retail store. Fabric display light boxes in particular allow for a large bright display for your products. These items optimize product visibility to draw in your customers. Your products deserve the best in advertisement technology.

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