Elements of Advertising - Grouping

Elements of Advertising - Grouping

Grouping is an important element of design in advertising. We naturally sort through items while viewing things in our environment. Similar items of colour are grouped together. Size and shapes are also a factor when it comes to grouping.

Similar to social scenes, people in a clique will have similar details. In an advertisement this same technique can be used.  By placing similar objects together you are unifying them. In essence this allows them to blend in together in the image presented.

You can use this element of design to create contrast. In essence you place the similar objects together and contrast them against with a dissimilar element. For example if you have an image with red butterflies you can have just one green butterfly to create contrast using complimentary colours. This grouping guides the viewer’s gaze.

You can also have objects of different sizes. The larger item will be noticed first and then the secondary items etc. The whole purpose of advertising is to get the products noticed by capturing attention effectively.

The other part of advertising is using the right technology. Aside from graphic design you need to think about the physical display of the advertisement. The newest practical advertising technology is with LED light boxes. These light boxes offer clear pictures with the use of bright LED backlighting.

This type of technology gets your advertisement noticed first. It is incomparable to traditional non-lit media. Get your products the attention they deserve today!

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