Product Advertising and Space

Product Advertising and Space

In advertising design it’s important to use the space effectively. Essentially there is positive and negative space in an advertisement. Positive space is the area that all the items in the add occupy. Negative space is the rest of the space that isn’t occupied. These two components can be used in different ways.


Space can be manipulated to bring focus to certain areas. In the image above the empty space in the middle of the filled surrounding space has our focus. You can have the reverse as well where an object is at the centerĀ  of an empty background.


You can create symmetrical balance using space. This means there is an even amount of positive and negative space.


The balance of space can be used to create a mood. When the space is unbalanced it creates unease and states that there is a problem. It can also create a feeling of loneliness. Good balance of space creates harmony and good feeling.


Space is also used to leave room for text. Almost all advertising has text and need to make room for this. The text can fit the space, overlap the images or wrap around part of the advertisement.

To increase visibility you need to use the best technology available in product advertising. LED light boxes give the best product visibility and come in several models. It all depends on the where you want to place it. Light boxes can be made for interior or exterior advertising.

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