Attention Grabbing Techniques In Advertising

Attention Grabbing Techniques In Advertising

In advertising attention is key. Companies are all competing for customer attention. They need to get ahead of the competition to sell their product. Traditional advertising uses simple elements of design to attract customer attention. Here are common techniques used in advertising

Contrast – Size and Colour

In advertising you can juxtapose items and differentiate them big size of colour. With size this means making one item larger than the other. The large item will be viewed first followed by the smaller one.

Colours can be unified or contrasted. For example you have several objects of one colour and one object of another contrasting colour. You will immediately see the latter.


Most items are unified in an advertisement. However, if there is something unified it will immediately grab attention. This can be as simple as seeing a row of baby ducks and one puppy amongst them. You will see the puppy first since it is different.

Clarity & Brilliance

We are naturally drawn to light sources. This is why retailers are using illuminated displays to advertise their products. LED light boxes optimize visibility and clarity of a product advertisement. Additionally when presented with two images, the one with more detail or clarity will be preferred over low resolution.


Newer advertising light box models are able to add texture as well as high detail to product advertisement. This feature is only achieved using fabric display light boxes since it doesn’t use a shiny acrylic display.

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